Who Am I?

My name is Sandra. I'm not a company or a collective - just one person who likes to read.

I started this site because while I found lots of good reviews for UF/PNR books on the web, I wasn't finding all the info I wanted in one place. So I began keeping my own list of authors and upcoming releases.

Then one day I got bored, threw my data into a MySQL database and popped up a quick website. (What can I say? I'm a web developer.)

Rating System

I use a 5 star rating system with half-star granularity. 5 stars is very good. 0 stars is very bad. Generally speaking, I recommend any book with 3 or more stars.

I gives some books 5 green stars. These aren't neccesarily better than 5 star books, but they are my personal favorites - sometimes for rather idiosyncratic reasons.

I like stories with an intricate plot and romantic tension. I have a whole page devoted to explaining exactly what I mean by that.

Kindle & eBooks


I read the vast majority of my books on Amazon's Kindle eBook reader. I recommend the Kindle without reservation. I can go on at length about why I love my Kindle.


I try not to include major spoilers in the descriptions or reviews of the book itself. Because of the serial nature of many of these books, though, you can expect to see some details about previous books when it's necessary.

If you are trying to remember which book you read last, start at the beginning of the series and go forward or you might see something you'd rather not know about yet.

Affiliate Links & Advertising

I use affiliate links and Google AdSense to help pay for the computer resources and time the site needs.

The book reviews here link to the Amazon affiliate program as well as other affiliate programs. In other words, if you follow a link from this site to a store and then buy the book, I get a couple of cents.

All original work on this site is copyright Sandra Powers and may not be copied or reprinted without my express written approval. Copyright for cover images, product descriptions and excerpts is retained by the original copyright holder, of course.

At this point in time, I have received no compensation in exchange for listing or reviewing any book here, including free copies of books.


Got a question or comment? You can drop me an e-mail at sandra@darkurbanfantasy.com. I can't always answer immediately - and if things get really busy with my day job I can't always answer! - but I will do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can.