Chloe Neill


Chicagoland Vampires

Tags: shapeshifters, urban fantasy, vampires, witches

Merit was a graduate student - quiet, studious, and not at all interested in the vampires that had recently announced their presence to the world - until she was almost killed by a rogue vampire. 

Saved by a 'good' vampire from Cadogan House, one of the three vampire Houses in Chicago, Merit isn't dead ... but she's lost her life anyway. From drinking blood to giving her full obedience to the Master of her House, Ethan Sullivan, Merit has a lot of adjusting to do. Especially with that obedience thing ...

On top of that, she also needs to figure out why people are still trying to kill her, why a certain rogue vampire has it in for her, and what's going on behind the scenes that keeps turning Chicago into such a dfangerous place for humans and vampires alike.