Lilith Saintcrow


Dante Valentine

Tags: bundle, complete, demons, magic, psychics, urban fantasy

Dante "Danny" Valentine lives in a gritty future world where humans with magic psi powers have finally found some legal protection, if not exactly acceptance.

Danny is a Necromance; she can see and communicate with the dead, raise and lay ghosts. And she's a damned good Necromance - maybe one of the best of her generation. Small comfort for the brutal life she's led, maybe, but it's what she's got. 

And then a demon shows up on her doorstep, come to escort her to an appointment with Lucifer, Prince of Lies and ruler of Hell. Lucifer just needs Danny to do a small job for him ...

However brutal Danny's life may have been up to this point, it's guarenteed to get a whole lot worse. 

Jill Kismet

Tags: complete, demons, magic, shapeshifters, urban fantasy

Jill Kismet is an ex-prostitute turned hunter - a freelancer who operates somewhere between paranormal bounty hunter and an extension of the police. When something from the darker side of the city, the nightside, begins to preys on humans, she moves in to save them ... or avenge them.

She made a deal with a demon, trading some of her time for extra speed and power, but so far she's kept her soul.