Melissa Marr


Wicked Lovely

Tags: complete, elves, paranormal romance, young adult

Invisible faeries - invisible to humans, that is - walk among us. But some humans can see them, which is a problem since faeries by and large aren't nice people. When Keenan the Summer King comes to the mortal realm looking for his Queen, Aislinn - and all the humans around her - are at risk. 


Tags: spirits, urban fantasy, zombies

The tiny town of Claysville has a secret - a contract that keeps the town safe but requires certain minor sacrificies from the people in exchange. 

When Rebekkah Barrow's grandmother passes away, she learns that she - and her long-time friend and sometime lover Byron Montgomery - are part of that contract.

Like it or not, they share a predestined fate to serve the town as Graveminder and Undertaker ... minding the town's deceased citizens and keeping the Hungry Dead at bay.