Curran: Volume I

RatingNot Rated
Series Rating
AuthorIlona Andrews
SeriesKate Daniels #4.5
GenreUrban Fantasy
Tagsmagic, shapeshifters, urban fantasy, vampires

Product Description

This is a collection of four scenes from the Kate Daniels series (books 1 through 4) written from the point of view of Curran the Beast Lord.

  1. Magic Bites: When Curran meets Kate for the first time in Unicorn Lane.
  2. Magic Burns: When Curran rescues Kate and feeds her soup.
  3. Magic Strikes: When Curran talks Julie into letting him out of the loup cage. 
  4. Magic Bleeds: When Curran sees Kate with Saiman at the restaurant. 

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Review & Comments

These scenes are described in the main series; here we get another point of view but no additional story. In fact, with the exception of scene #3, the dialog is almost entirely contained in the main series. So mostly what we get are Curran's thoughts about the situation. 

That's interesting, but not really enough to recommend this collection. Although to be fair, it is free.

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