Magic Dreams

Series Rating
Appears InHexed
AuthorIlona Andrews
SeriesKate Daniels #4.5
GenreUrban Fantasy
Tagsmagic, shapeshifters, urban fantasy, vampires

Product Description

Old legends and frightening nightmares came to life in Magic Dreams.  The shapeshifting Tigress Dali Harimau finds herself in deep water when she must challenge a dark being to a battle of wits, or risk losing the man she secretly longs for.

Review & Comments

Dali is an absolutely wonderful character and this story shows her to perfection.

I adore Dali in part because she's the mirror of the kick ass urban fantasy heroine: still powerful (at least sometimes) but her flaws are real. She really does have bad eyesight, she's really not all that pretty, and it really does take her two minutes to remember who she is in tiger form.

Plus she's a geek. 

Dali isn't the only wonderful thing about this story. The action - which is as much mystical as physical and lets both leads get some fighting in - hums along at a well-plotted pace. The romance is subtle but powerfully satisfying, enhanced by the very personal context of the battle. And I don't need to say much about the quality of the writing - this is Ilona Andrews, after all. 

Having some background with the Kate Daniels series is a help with this story, if only because you'll have a little more context for Jim. Unfortunately Jim gets a bit short-changed here by the glory that is Dali. His character comes through, it's just hard to take your eyes off the geeky white tiger long enough to notice. 

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