Bite My Fire

Series Rating
AuthorMary Hughes
SeriesBiting Love #1
GenreParanormal Romance
Tagscheap, modern, paranormal romance, vampires

Product Description

Elena O’Rourke lusts for two things—her detective’s shield and a good lay. Sass-Cgal’s “Bad Girl Sex Tips” will win her the man. But keeping the shield hinges on solving a murder.

Warrior-gorgeous Bo Strongwell stands in her way.

Powerful as a Viking warship, Bo would be Elena’s one-stop solution to celibacy—except for his apartment building full of mysteries. Plus, his kisses…and nibbles…and full body tongue-swipes…keep distracting her from the case. As if a caped clown named Dracula, a hooker with a heart of gold (and boobs of steel), and Elena’s own clueless partner aren’t distraction enough.

Bo Strongwell is a master vampire who needs a cop snooping around like he needs a garlic enema. Fighting rogues keeps him busy enough without Elena trying to pin the murder on one of his kind…even if she does taste like heaven.

Two fighters for justice. One incredible attraction. A terrible secret. Drunken women dancing on the bar… It all rides on Elena solving the Case of the Punctured Prick.

Review & Comments

I enjoy absurdist writing, but it tires me out fast. This book flirts with absurd without getting too exhausting. I read the whole thing in one sitting and started in on the next book immediately ... and I was laughing almost the entire time. The situations, the characters, the dialogue ... and oh my god the puns!

It should have been too much, but instead it was just enough. Much of that is due to the down-to-earth nature of the main character, Elena. She's fully aware of how silly her life is and just as determined to be the best she can be regardless. I was initially a bit put off by how obssessed Elena seemed to be about sex, until I realized that if I wrote down my actual thoughts - instead of the things I admit to thinking - it probably wouldn't look all that different. And it is a nice change from the swooning virgin. 

The male lead, Bo, is a bit bland - a big sexy alpha who's good in bed, just like every other male lead. And the murder investigation never quite caught my imagination. But none of that mattered next to Elena and the way she approaches her crazy hometown. 

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