Biting Nixie

Series Rating
AuthorMary Hughes
SeriesBiting Love #2
GenreParanormal Romance
Tagscheap, modern, paranormal romance, vampires

Product Description

Punk musician Nixie Schmeling is a hundred pounds of Attitude who spells authority a-n-c-h-o-r and thinks buying insurance is just one more step toward death. So she really feels played when she’s “volunteered” to run the town’s first annual fundraising festival. Especially when she finds out it’s to pay for a heavy-hitting, suit-wearing lawyer—who’s six-feet-plus of black-haired, blue-eyed sex on a stick.

Attorney Julian Emerson learned centuries ago that the only way to contain his dangerous nature is to stay buttoned up. He’s come from Boston to defend the town from a shady group of suits...and an even shadier gang of vampires. But his biggest problem is Nixie, who shreds his self-control.

Nixie doesn’t get why the faphead shyster doesn’t understand her. Julian wishes Nixie would speak a known Sanskrit. Even if they manage to foil the bloodthirsty gang, what future is there for a tiny punk rocker and a blue-blooded skyscraper?

And that’s before Nixie finds out Julian’s a vampire...

Review & Comments

Biting Nixie lacks some of the absurd of Bite My Fire, the first book in the series, but more than makes up for it in manic. (In fact, the writing reminds me a bit of Connie Willis' manic time-travel romances, except a lot raunchier.)

The action revolves around the fundraising festival, specifically Nixie's attempts to make it work vs. the evil vampires' attempts to stop it. Using the festival as the touchstone gives this story a nice cohesion as well as emphasizing Nixie as a character outside her interactions with Julian. 

And Nixie definitely stands out as a character. She's not a generic kick-ass heroine, or even a distinctive kick-ass heroine. She's almost - but not quite - a parody of unique. Only once in an entire book of pop culture references does a reference ring false. (Okay, twice. The fact that Nixie misses the reference to William the Bloody strikes me as a violation of the character.) 4chan memes would have been right at home here. But the author gives plenty of context, both from the character and from the situation, to allow readers to keep up.

Julian too is a distinmctive character. Like most PNR heroes, he's big, sexy, and protective ... but he also has a memorable level of snarky sarcasm that works well. It falls off a bit at the very end of the book, but a happily-ever after will do that to a guy.  

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