Double Hexed

Series Rating
Appears InHexed
AuthorAllyson James
SeriesStormwalker #2.5
GenreUrban Fantasy
Tagsdemons, dragons, gods, urban fantasy, witches

Product Description

It starts, innocently enough, with a leaky faucet. Janet calls her plumber, Fremont, to help fix a faucet in a guest room, when all hell breaks loose—literally. Blood sprays from the faucets and a message appears on the mirror in blood: “You are doomed.” 

Janet and her friends find themselves locked in her hotel, victims of a hex cast by a very powerful sorcerer. Cassandra, Janet’s Wiccan hotel manager, believes the sorcerer is one she’s come to Magellan to hide from, and he’s one of the most powerful entities in the world. 

As Janet and her friends frantically work to release the spell before the sorcerer kills them all, they realize that their worst enemies might just be themselves. 

Review & Comments

This is a classic locked-in-a-haunted-house story that fans of the Stormwalker series should very much enjoy. A hex that intensifies the personalities of the characters is an awful lot of fun, especially with a bunch of people this ... ah ... "interesting", shall we say?

We also get snippets of additional information on Cassandra and a brief look at the nightwalker mentioned at the very end of Firewalker. But the best character by far is Fremont (the very slightly magical plumber). He's always been a great guy and this short story gives him a chance to shine. 

I wouldn't suggest starting the series here, though: without more world context I fear that the rapid-fire play of personalities and action might come off as a bit stereotypical. 

My only small criticism of this story is that it feels a bit crowded.