Mnevermind 1: The Persistence of Memory

Series Rating
AuthorJordan Castillo Price
SeriesMnevermind #1
GenreUrban Fantasy
Tagsgay lesbian, sci-fi

Product Description

Every day, Daniel Schroeder breaks his father’s heart. 

While forgetting your problems won’t solve them, it does seem like it would make life a heck of a lot easier. Daniel thought so once. Now he knows better. He and Big Dan have always been close, which makes it all the more difficult to break the daily news: the last five years were nothing like his father remembers.

They’re both professionals in the memory field—they even run their own memory palace. So shouldn’t they be able to figure out a way to overwrite the persistent false memory that’s wreaking havoc on both of their lives? Daniel thought he was holding it together, but the situation seems to be sliding out of control. Now even his own equipment has turned against him, reminding him he hasn’t had a date in ages by taunting him with flashes of an elusive man in black that only he can see.

Is it some quirk of the circuitry, or is Daniel headed down the same path to fantasy-land as his old man?

Review & Comments

If I have one criticism with this book, it's that the ending snuck up on me. I'm going to be jonesing for the next in the series for ... well, however long it takes the next book to come out.

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