Demonica - Series by Larissa Ione

Seminus demons are a type of incubus, always male and gifted with sex magic. But if they don't find a mate to bond with in their first century, they lose a big portion of the things that make them people ... like their conscience and compassion.

Underworld General Hospital is the one and only demon hospital. Founded by Seminus brothers - all of whom are coming up on their change without mates - it is the center of a storm of demon intrigues. 

Tags: demons, paranormal romance, vampires, werewolves


Review & Comments

The world-building drew me into the series more than the specific plots in most cases. I especially loved the demon hospital and the interactions between individuals of different species.  

This is a series with a lot of graphic sex scenes. But although the focus of each book involved a romantic coupling, the overarching plot was pretty tight and very important to understanding the stories. In fact, in later books, the plot nearly overtakes the romance. 

One major gripe I have with this series is the speed and ease with which some romantic difficulties are resolved. In more than one case, characters who had spent most of the book dealing with their baggage suddenly found a way past it in a very short period of time. Good fantasy romance, perhaps, but not very realistic. 

Be aware: This is a violent world with a lot of pain and torture. In addition, some of the action can get a bit gory.