Fallen Angels - Series by J.R. Ward

Heaven and hell have gotten tired of fighting and agreed to pin the fate of everything on one final contest, decided by one mortal man.

Jim Heron - chosen by both sides because he holds an even balance of good and evil - will affect the lives of seven people. If he tilts them towards good, heaven wins; towards evil and hell wins. 

Tags: angels, demons, paranormal romance


Review & Comments

Don't let the cheesy-sounding premise fool you - this is a great series. The writing is an excellent mix of well-paced, tightly-plotted action and deep, realistic characterization. 

Fallen Angels sits in an odd niche between Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, even more so than Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB) series. As is often the case in UF, each book details one mission in the working life of the main character. Here that's Jim Heron and his mission to save the souls of seven people. And each book also revolves around a romance that ends with a typical PNR happily-ever-after.

But in this series, it's the people involved in each mission that are caught up in the romance rather than the main character. I like this format: following Jim Heron and his team across multiple books gives us a chance to understand them more deeply ... whereas in a lot of PNR, we tend to lose track of each character after the story of their romance has been told. At the same time, we still get to experience all the best parts of romance in each book.  

Incidentally, this series takes place in the same world as the Black Dagger brotherhood series. Covet is even set in the town of Caldwell and several BDB characters make cameo appearances. The Brotherhood and these fallen angels don't seem aware of each other, although given Lassiter's presence in BDB someone must have some clue.