Graveminder - Series by Melissa Marr

The tiny town of Claysville has a secret - a contract that keeps the town safe but requires certain minor sacrificies from the people in exchange. 

When Rebekkah Barrow's grandmother passes away, she learns that she - and her long-time friend and sometime lover Byron Montgomery - are part of that contract.

Like it or not, they share a predestined fate to serve the town as Graveminder and Undertaker ... minding the town's deceased citizens and keeping the Hungry Dead at bay. 

Tags: spirits, urban fantasy, zombies


Review & Comments

Melissa Marr has a true talent for writing darkly rich stories. The world that she builds here is steeped in gothic atmosphere and beauty.

Given that there is only one book in this series so far, I recommend that you see my comments on book #1: Graveminder,