Jane Jameson - Series by Molly Harper

Jane Jameson was a librarian - until she was fired, killed, and turned into a vampire all in one night. But as a modern intelligent snarky young woman, she will deal with being undead one way or another. 

Tags: humor, modern, paranormal romance, vampires


Review & Comments

I have a tendency to compare all modern chic-lit type romances with this series because it's just such a great example of the form. 

Jane has a strong voice that is both snarky and fairly normal. She quips, she has unfortunate fits of the giggles, she hits like a girl ... and she gets upset and sometimes depressed by the stuff that happens to her. She's not a superhero; she's a small town librarian who happens to now be a vampire.

The plots can be a little absurd but they aren't over-the-top absurdist, just amusingly quirky. The characters and the relationships between them aren't all that fleshed out - many of the characters qualify as just amusingly quirky as well.

But it works. This series is light-hearted fun, a quick read that makes you chuckle and sometimes laught outright.