Jill Kismet - Series by Lilith Saintcrow

Jill Kismet is an ex-prostitute turned hunter - a freelancer who operates somewhere between paranormal bounty hunter and an extension of the police. When something from the darker side of the city, the nightside, begins to preys on humans, she moves in to save them ... or avenge them.

She made a deal with a demon, trading some of her time for extra speed and power, but so far she's kept her soul. 

Tags: complete, demons, magic, shapeshifters, urban fantasy


Review & Comments

This series shares some similarities with the Dante Valentine series by the same author, both in writing style and setting. The voices of the main characters are quite different, however, as is the action. 

Overall assessment: dark, subtle, wonderful. 

If you like the Dante Valentine series or The Hollows by Kim Harrison, I suspect you'll find a lot to love here as well.