Stormwalker - Series by Allyson James

Half Navajo and half goddess from Below, Janet Begay can harness the powers of the storm - wind, water, and lightning - so long as the storm is close enough. But all that power tends to make her a little bit punchy when the thunder cracks overhead ... a danger to herself and others.

The only person who can control Janet when she's caught in the storm's seductive power is Mick, a dark-haired, blue-eyed biker with secrets of his own. 

But with or without Mick - not to mention the help or hindrance of a sex-crazed old god, a flaming magic mirror, and a cast of other fascinating characters - Janet has to face the consequences of her unique heritage and her powerful abilities. 

Tags: demons, dragons, gods, urban fantasy, witches


Review & Comments

I'm not terribly familiar with Diné lore but I love the way that this series melds that lore with more traditional urban fantasy fare. This isn't a kitchen sink approach but rather a careful balancing of old and new that is deeply informed by Janet's location and background. 

Indeed, Allyson James fans will find many of her previous themes coming together in a wonderful mix in this series. 

The interlacing of plot and action keeps the stories moving along right quick. You get a good feel for the characters; even though they build on common UF tropes they feel distinct enough to be memorable. 

On the romance front: I'm usually not a fan of series that start with the lead romance already in place, but the relationship between Janet and Mick is (forgive the pun) fiery and passionate enough - and emotionally tense enough - to satisfy my need for romantic conflict. The sex scenes are fairly brief but explicit and beautifully evocative. 

On top of all that, Allyson James is the only author I've found who can write a decent Coyote ... and given that he's one of my patron gods, that's really important to me.