Thrown to the Lions - Series by Kim Dare

A series of four Male/Male (or Male/Male/Male) BDSM werelion novels, following lions from the same pride. These ones are best read in order as part of a series. This series is complete.

Money. Excitement. Duty. Lust.

Four men have agreed to be thrown to the local pride of werelions. Each might have had a different motive when he first applied for the position of willing human sacrifice, but one thing is guaranteed - once a man is delivered, bound and naked, to the lions' doorstep, he’s destined to receive much more than he ever bargained for.

And, as for the lions who accept their sacrifices - from the leader of the pride, all the way down to the meekest cub, they're about to find out just how much trouble humans can be.

Tags: bdsm, complete, erotica, gay & lesbian, paranormal romance, shapeshifters, werelions


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These books run about 40k words.