WVMP - Series by Jeri Smith-Ready

WVMP is an independent radio station and the home of several vampire DJs. Their decade-themed shows help them deal with passing time. 

Ciara Griffin, (ex-)con artist, quickly becomes entangled in the vampires' business when she is hired at the station as a marketing intern.

Tags: modern, urban fantasy, vampires


Review & Comments

Present tense, first-person writing and a strong character voice make for fast-paced reading, and the understated humor is often quite funny without being too absurd.

I was impressed with how well Jeri Smith-Ready managed to detail the complexities of Ciara's character in the first person. Ciara doesn't like to think about her motivations but we learn plenty through her actions. 

Although each book focuses primarily on the action, an emotional connection slowly develops between Ciara and her vampire boyfriend Shane. The subdued chemistry between the lead couple is quite satisfying - and pretty hot, even without graphic sex scenes.